Who We Are

We're a production company and creative agency, fueling the next wave of streaming and new media. From executive producing YouTube Originals and Netflix series to empowering global brands, social media mavericks and everyday geniuses, it's our mission to blast content far and wide, engage with the world, and make an impact so deep your grandchildren will tell their grandchildren about it. In short, we make cool stuff. And if you work with us, you'll quickly learn that we're extra innovative. And extra determined. And extra fun. And extra grateful. And above all else, ExtraTerrific.

What We Do

01. Creative Development

We innovate, we extrapolate and we generate. Whether it's developing television series, charting new media channels, hatching global campaigns or diving deep into feature documentaries, we pride ourselves in building content from the ground up and delivering fresh takes designed to turn heads.

02. Physical Production

We provide full service production capabilities both in the field and in the studio via our talented crew and partners. Our team has produced hundreds of hours of content that include binge-worthy streaming series, award-winning docs, far-reaching brand initiatives and a whole slew of, you guessed it, cool stuff.

03. Media Strategy

We don’t just love making cool stuff, we love making your stuff cooler. Our network of creative wizards and brand gurus put their decades of eyeball-grabbing witchcraft to work every day, designing campaigns that are custom built to captivate and mesmerize.

Stories with a Purpose

“We like to tell stories that matter. Stories that help shape our world. As passionate filmmakers, writers, and media professionals, we see it as our duty to shine a light on the underserved and overlooked, breaking new ground wherever possible to engage a broad and global audience.”


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